Under the category Other Keen presents a mix of personal things that inspire and make us feel good and fit into the overall Keen concept. Find enduring and classic, yet modern, home accessories such as porcelain and functional glass goods. The products are designed by talented and popular Swedish craftsmen and sophisticated framed graphic art work which also make our store look stylish. We like to premiere upcoming, skilled new talents and are happy to be able to offer the decorative wall déco made of acid treated metal. This is one of our best sellers within the home décor category and it’s often being sold as a give away. Keeping almost every piece in the store monochrome black, white or grey we do make exceptions. Impossible not to put on your favourite shelf are the Overose lovely scented candles in bright, irresistable pink package. Earthy unisex fragrances and eau de perfumes in beautiful glass bottles are available in various scents, shapes and forms.